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Headaches and a salute to a low carb hero

I have been headaches lately. I suppose I need to be drinking a lot more water.  I hope that fixes my problem.

I want to highlight a blogger every blog post for awhile since these websites have had a great influence on me: Diabetes Warrior Steve Cooksey's website has had a great influence on me for the past year, year and a half. He is an inspiration to me especially since he is a fellow diabetic and has made himself healthy without the following the ADA's (american diabetes ass.) advice. He has proved that they are funded by the pharmaceutical, chemical, and soda companies. This is pretty huge when you look at the motivations for telling people to eat sugar then fix the blood sugar with metformin and insulin. That's is not morale.  Steve eats a all natural diet. I respect that. I am striving for that as well. He is a pretty active on twitter and facebook helping save people's lives. Thanks Steve!