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Lost 60 lbs so far.

I have flirted with low carb for awhile now. On June 10th, 2011 I finally did it, I committed to the low carb lifestyle after playing around with it for a week here and there  My highest weight I have recorded was 395.5lbs. I am now 334.2lbs.  I really miss sitting in booths and going to amusement parks.  I sat in a booth today. I am including a graph of my weight over the last 2 years. Every time I lost weight it was from doing low carb. Every time I gained was when I cheated.

Every time I lost weight it was trying low carb

I also have a history of major allergies. I have been tested to be very allergic to everything but cockroach.  They said I would probably be allergic to cockroach if I lived in a region that they were around.  I have gotten allergy shot for around 9 years of my life. I fired my allergy dr. I also fired my  ENT dr.  In the last 20 days I only have taken one allergy pill. I feel better allergy wise then I have ever really. I still am allergic to things but it doesn't stick with me.  As soon as I leave the offending allergen I feel normal. My mucus is clear for the first time in 22 years. I don't have post nasal drip anymore!


I am currently off all medicines. With the money I am saving on meds I can buy more steak and bacon, the real medicine!